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Recycling Cardboard Boxes

If Zero Waste & Environmental Responsibility is important to your business,
we have a solution. 

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We are the experts in Cardboard Recycling and achieving ZERO waste goals for your company. 

Align your business with the Circular Economy, & the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Goal 12)

We will help your company significantly reduce waste, lower your carbon footprint, & meet sustainability goals.
REUSE is significantly more environmentally friendly than all other recycle pathways.
Redirecting your excess Cardboard Boxes from waste  to REUSE means an immediate reduction in your waste stream.

We can provide you with the best environmental option for recycling cardboard & recycling cardboard boxes. And we will pay you to take cardboard boxes off your site. 

Wanting to buy recycled cardboard boxes? 
The good news is that reused cardboard boxes are not only great for the planet, they are also the cheapest option for your company. Save money and save the planet all at once! Call our expert team to find the right cardboard box for you. 
The Benefits for you of recycled cardboard boxes include :

It is environmentally better to reuse than recycle
We can PAY YOU for redundant packaging
You help save the nation’s tress, water and energy
Pollution is reduced, along with your company’s and NZ’s carbon footprint
Your company can offset waste costs and waste reduction programs with our payments
We will help you set up your recycling program
Studies in the USA have shown that the use of 1,000 medium sized second hand cartons (instead of new) can save 3 fully grown trees from destruction.
Reuse of products is the best environment choice. We have a large environmentally aware and cost conscious customer base, who are keen to use recycled cartons instead of new. Their requirements vary from a few hundred cartons per month to several thousand.

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